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We are currently recruiting a FSM to be based at Looe Community Academy in our Integrated Health Centre to work with families both in feeder primary schools and in secondary education when there are concerns about behaviour, attendance, achievement, and the emotional wellbeing of a student in school.  Once we have appointed, this is the service that we will be able to offer:

Your FSM can support with working together with families and schools to ensure that we understand all of the things that can impact upon a child being happy and doing well in school and developing a plan of support to meet those needs.

Sometimes this involves the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) which your FSM can support you with. There is more information about this level of support on a link below.

Your FSM will work closely with outside agencies and staff in school to support your family and child and can advise you where you can get further help and support with a wide variety of issues. There is more information on the links below.

You can contact your child’s class teacher or head of year if you have concerns about how your child is doing at school. You can contact your FSM directly if you feel a greater level of support is needed. A member of school staff may suggest to you that FSM support would benefit your child.

Parenting is not an easy job. Situations that happen in life are stressful and can impact upon our ability to parent well. Separation, divorce, bereavement, loss of earnings, debt, poor health, substance abuse, domestic violence, relationship difficulties, housing issues and mental health to name but a few can all affect how we can cope. Sometimes it is hard to ask for help when things are tough. Your FSM can support you when things in life are difficult for the family and is impacting on how your child is doing at school. There is no one right way to parent, however, when things are not going well sometimes it is useful to try something different.

In the meantime, please contact the school via our Parent Contact e-mail address: parentcontact@looe.cornwall.sch.uk or by phone on 01503 262625


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