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Pastoral Support

Pastoral support

Tutors play a significant pastoral role at Looe Community Academy and are a parent/carer and students first point of contact for concerns. Should advise or concern about a serious incident need to be shared then the following members of the senior leadership team can be contacted.

Headteacher – Mr Yalden –

Deputy Headteacher – Mrs Jackman –

Assistant Headteacher for Key Stage 4 – Miss Wood –

Assistant Headteacher for Key Stage 3 – Mr Gilbert – is a monitored email address that can be used to contact the academy out-of-hours in an emergency. Alternatively or can also be used for regular queries.

Integrated Health Centre

Looe Community Academy believe in providing every child with the opportunity to experience a world class education both academically, physically, emotionally and socially. We believe by diligently identifying the barriers to learning, providing a personalised support plan that considers the whole child and providing the necessary support for children to achieve, develop and to be the best they can be.

We are committed to ensuring that our school develops a Trauma and Mental Health Informed Approach to help us to create positive students who show good mental health and resilience, enabling them to fully engage in life and learning. Research suggests that there is huge impact of Childhood Adversity on the long term mental and physical health of young people.

It is evident that if a child has access to protective factors such as:

  • When a child’s teacher, youth leaders or other adults outside the family are there to support a child
  • When a child has felt bad, a child can almost always find someone who they can trust to talk to
  • There are people in a child’s life that they can count on

All can help interrupt the progression from early adversity to mental ill-health and early death. It is our aim to maximise the protective factors of school by creating an environment of safety that has strong, positive and supportive relationships at its heart.

The Integrated Health Centre at Looe Community Academy is a safe place for students to be able to come and find support. The centre values the Trauma Informed School (TIS) core components which are used across the Academy:

  • Protect
  • Relate
  • Regulate
  • Reflect

The IHC is also the base for our Pastoral Care Officers who work coherently with over twenty external services, through referrals, to ensure that students receive the right level of support.

Youth Worker drop-ins are available to all young people during lunchtime Wednesdays and for parents/carers and their children between 2.10-3.10pm on a Wednesday.

For further information about the IHC please contact Mrs Jackman, Deputy Headteacher,