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Physical Education

The PE curriculum enables students to participate in a broad range of activities. Students are encouraged to develop a positive approach to the learning of skills, knowledge and understanding to lead an active and healthy lifestyle throughout their lives. They develop a wide range of individual skills as well as being able to work as a team, employing techniques and tactics, enjoying the challenge of winning and losing in competition and learning about good sportsmanship and correct etiquette. Our students learn to confidently undertake various roles in a range of sports including that of leader, coach and official.

Key Stage 3

All pupils have two hours of PE a week throughout the school. Pupils will learn to develop their skills and techniques to develop their competence and creativity to perform at higher levels in a wide variety of activities. These activities include netball, multi skills, invasion games, racket sports, rugby, hockey, football,  basketball, volleyball, rounders, cricket, gymnastics, athletics, fitness and outdoor activities. All pupils are encouraged to be active and value the importance of exercise and participation. The teachers are fully committed to high quality teaching and learning to ensure pupils make progress in their learning at Looe Community Academy.

Key Stage 4 - Physical Education Core

Key Stage Four students have a core PE programme of 2 hours per week. Core PE helps pupils acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to participate successfully in, and enjoy, physical activities both now and in the future. For one hour a week, all pupils will be able to select an options pathway where they are able to select an individual pathway, meeting their individual interests and aptitudes, the pathway structure will allow pupils to fully engage in the new National Curriculum Framework being introduced which will help students develop personal fitness and which promote a healthy active lifestyle and lifelong participation.
The second hour students participate in a range of activities such as striking and fielding, invasion games and health related fitness. Pupils who have a further interest will be able to undertake examination and leadership courses in key stage 4.


There is a one-year full course AQA GCSE examination offered in Years 10 and 11, which is 60% practical and 40% theory.

Extra Curricular

We provide a variety of extra curricular clubs for students in a range of different sports. Please see the HERE for the latest clubs on offer.